Ashley Greene’s Hairstyle On The November 2011 Cover Of Flare


By Ted Gibson

I loved this shot of Ashley Greene for the cover of Flare magazine’s November issue. It was taken at a Beverly Hills home with an amazing pool that’s actually used a lot for photoshoots. The day was beautiful–we lucked out, weatherwise.

Ashley wore these amazing Christian Loubouton heels that were so fierce, I had to tweet about them. But let’s get to the hair, right? The hairstyle was a side-parted, softly waved ‘do. Almost straight but with a sexy bombshell inspiration with an edge of young Hollywood. Ashley has a little natural wave. She has only a few layers right now. Around the face, it’s about to the chin. Along the interior she has long layers.

The products I used for this shoot were fairly simple. I used only Hairsheets Styling for the blow-out, then Beautiful Hold to secure it. Each section was sprayed with hairspray, then I used a large barrel iron. Normally I wrap the hair around, but this time I curled it all the way from the ends all the way to the scalp for more fullness and bounce. Normally I leave the ends a bit straighter. Some parts were smooth witha sort of ’40s wave and others were more tousled. This time I brushed through the hair after using the irons. It depends on what sort of look I want. For an S-pattern wave like Lauren Bacall’s or a ’40s/Veronica Lake vibe, then I use a brush. To blow out the hair initially, I used a mixed-bristle round brush made of a boar bristle and nylon mix. Nylon will detangle, boar smooths. That helps to really grip the hair and make it smooth and shiny. The brush brands I love Icera and Spornette. What do you think of Ashley’s look?

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


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